Recruitment Process Management

Finding the right people for your organisation can be a stressful and time-consuming process for hiring managers and HR staff alike. HRSA are able to manage your end to end recruitment processes onsite, in close collaboration with management and your HR team to deliver timely quality outcomes and ultimately find the best talent for your organisation. Our highly efficient and streamlined methodology and project management approach which manages all aspects of the process for you from initial planning through to the new employees commencing. HRSA can take the stress out of your recruitment processes and can align your recruitment strategies with your organisational goals. 

Best Practice Recruitment and Selection Strategies

How long has it been since you investigated best practice recruitment and selection strategies? Having the right recruitment and selection strategy that reflects modern business is paramount, and will have a direct impact on your organisations productivity, team culture and subsequently profitability. HRSA consultants are experts in both government and private recruitment and will assist you to develop tailored strategies that strategically align with your organisations corporate objectives, structure, and  culture which will in turn facilitate recruitment of quality staff.

Permanent and Contract Recruitment

Whether its permanent, contract or labour hire recruitment that you require, HRSA are renowned for their practical recruitment solutions and offer a comprehensive methodology, proficient processes and tailored best practice recruitment solutions. HRSA pride themselves on many years experience within government, private and not for profit sector recruitment and are experts in executive recruitment as well as large scale bulk recruitment rounds. Our proven methodology and tailored approach can assist with all your recruitment needs. With a cohesive team of HR and recruitment advisors who pride themselves on transparency and a consultative approach and a commitment to finding the right staff for your business, HRSA can identify the right people for each individual requirement.

Independent Panel Member Services

An independent and objective opinion is invaluable in ensuring your recruitment processes are fair, transparent and merit based while still achieving the best outcome for the organisation. The team at HRSA have extensive experience in public sector recruitment - from APS to SES levels and temporary and permanent recruitment. HRSA offers a value-add service that extends beyond scribing support. Our independent panel members can be part of your recruitment process from start to finish; from process design to shortlisting and assessment to completion of the final selection report. When you book an HRSA independent panel member, the following services are generally included: process design, shortlisting, preparing interview questions and work sample tests, interview scheduling and candidate care, scribing, referee checks and reports, prepare final selection report. HRSAs independent panel members will bring an objective yet supportive perspective to your process. HRSA has experience recruiting a broad range of professionals including (but not limited to) scientists, doctors, managers, client service staff, HR staff, policy makers, administration staff. Let HRSA take the time and effort out of running your recruitment process and help you find the best person for your role.

Scribing Services and Selection Reports

Having an excellent scribe and detailed, accurate selection reports can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your recruitment processes. In line with best practice industry services and a reputation for the most detailed and valuable selection reports, the scribes at HRSA are experienced in delivering high quality reports in a timely and efficient manner. Specialising in government recruitment processes our team can assist you with your scribing and selection report needs at all levels of government recruitment including EL1, EL2 and SES levels. 

Job Design

Are you facing budgetary constraints and/or recruitment restrictions? Are you being asked to do more with less? As a manager of a team, facing these types of challenges can seem impossible. How do you keep meeting expectations and key deliverables while ensuring your staff remain engaged, productive and maintain work-life balance? How do you ensure your valued staff don’t become overworked, stressed, disengaged or even worse leave? Job design and redesign can be critical in addressing these challenges in the contemporary workplace. The team at HRSA can assist you with reviewing work processes and job design with a view to improving productivity and job satisfaction. Using tried and tested methods, HRSA can assist you with job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation, job simplification and workforce flexibility while ensuring your roles align with public sector work level standards, job families and the ILS framework. The team at HRSA can also help you implement strategies for improving spans of control and APS:EL ratios.


Human Resource Solutions Australia provides strategic recruitment project management services and practical recruitment solutions through a comprehensive methodology, proficient processes and a close working partnership with all their clients and job seekers. We have a cohesive, talented and experienced team who have comprehensive knowledge of best practice recruitment methodologies across government, private  and not for profit sectors. Our team of consultants will work closely with you to deliver efficient, ethical and tailored recruitment strategies for all your talent resourcing. Our vision is to assist our clients thrive and succeed by providing expertise and solutions in the assessment and appointment of business leaders.

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