HR Audits

Ensuring your legislative obligations are met is a minimum requirement but how are you really tracking against similar organisations or compare with better practice. HRSA can assist in undertaking reviews of your HR frameworks and policies, the current levels of legislative compliance and maturity, develop recommendations and work with the team to implement solutions.

HR Related Project Management

Through the implementation of a successful project management methodology which focuses on successful stakeholder engagement, communication and delivery the team at HRSA can manage all of your HR work activities.  Whether it be an end to end recruitment process to implementing a HR program of work or if there are larger scale projects such as a major restructuring activity or a large scale cultural change program, the HRSA team can draw on their significant experience and track record of delivering results to assist your organisation.

HR Metric Development, Analysis and Reporting

Knowing what the issue actually is can be half the problem.  HR reporting although a valuable tool for monitoring performance against targets it is typically one dimensional.   The story behind the data is what is key to addressing HR issues, whether it be unscheduled absence, turnover, or organisational culture. The team at HRSA can assist with root cause analysis through the development of both quantitative and qualitative HR metrics which is the key to effective HR reporting.

Contract and Performance Management

Managing the performance of your staff is imperative to achieving organisational outcomes.  Many managers find the task challenging and overwhelming with fear of negative consequences for addressing performance issues, and lack the skills and confidence to take on these challenges.


HRSA consultants actively coach managers in a skills transfer to assist them in planning, monitoring, documenting and reviewing a reasonable approach to managing performance of individuals, teams and organisations. The HRSA team aims to assist manage expectations and improve the work performance of employees through the development of a common understanding about reasonable work requirements.  Through effective management appropriate work accountabilities and deliverables can be established for the levels of remuneration received for the roles being undertaken.

Capability Development

Building organisational capacity in order to meet current and future business objectives is critical for business success. Identifying gaps in skills, knowledge and competencies within individuals and teams and developing tailored solutions to address these gaps is an effective way of achieving outcomes.  HRSA takes a systematic approach to workforce development based on competency development utilising a coaching approach when working with staff.

Executive Coaching

Are you an executive looking for some coaching personally or do you have managers that need some assistance?  The team at HRSA have a range of consultants that take a tailored approach to individuals as its definitely not a ones size fits all proposition as we believe coaching is about right fit with the individual. Typical coaching scenarios can involve managers needing  specific areas of development, advice on how to navigate through complex situations, helping you or your staff transition to the next phase of their career.

Facilitation and Team Building

Getting the best out of your group can sometimes be challenging to achieve from within. Whether it be cultural change, developing common objectives and priorities or whether its about bedding a new group down , the team at HRSA can assist in providing  a memorable experience  in getting groups to work more cohesively together. Many of us have endured planning days that produce high level motherhood statements which are a tick box exercise which don’t see the light of day until the same time next year and don’t result in any action on the ground. The team at HRSA can assist with ensuring that your investment in planning is realised with business plans that flow down into realistic implementation plans that are developed and implemented and have a sense of ownership from all those involved.

Organisational Effectiveness

Tailored Expert Strategies

The team at Human Resource Solutions Australia have a track record of working with clients to improve their overall organisational effectiveness by providing value add HR solutions to many complex organisational issues.  Whether you are looking to improve organisational performance generally, have specific known issues which require some attention or want to do some business process re-engineering around aspects of your organisation, a tailored strategy with a realistic implementation plan is what can be delivered by the team.


Have you ever wondered how you are really going and need an objective viewpoint from trusted advisors.  Organisational performance is underpinned by the culture of the people in it so the key to achieving organisational effectiveness is through the engagement of its people and engaging support for initiatives.  The HRSA approach is to lever of the existing strengths within an organisation, work with staff to gain ownership of the strategies or proposed initiatives and work with staff to deliver timely cost effective solutions.

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