Strategic HR Planning and Advice

Does your organisations’ human resources plan link HR management directly to the strategic plan of the organisation? HRSA can help you develop a HR plan that will allow you to make HR management decisions now to support the future direction of the organisation. HRSA has a demonstrated history of tailoring modern and holistic human resource strategic plans to diverse organisations. This includes recruitment and retention, learning and development as well as performance and talent management. Not to be confused with workforce planning, our skills here relate to developing forward work plans for HR branches or teams that are designed to deliver and meet the needs of the organisation. Our approach assesses the maturity of HR and corporate governance structures, whilst taking into account the business deliverables of individual organisations. By building an understanding of our clients’ needs, business requirements and resource management, we are able develop integrated, cost-effective and sound human resource strategic plans that can demonstrably build maturity over months and years. HRSA can also assist in the development and delivery of robust business cases, cost-benefit analyses and executive engagement strategies to ensure your needs are supported by the senior stakeholders within your organisation now and into the future.

Organisational Development and Design

In the current environment of budgetary and ASL restrictions, we are all facing the challenge of doing more with less. Fewer resources and increased workloads can lead to reduced staff retention, absenteeism, presenteeism and an ongoing risk of failure to deliver on strategic objectives. Organisational design and development can help improve work flows, procedures, structures and systems leading to improved delivery and employees who are empowered, engaged and committed to the business.


With many years of contemporary Human Resource experience in both the public and private sector, HRSA possesses unique insight into the corporate and governance structures of a diverse range of organisations. The team at HRSA have a track record of developing innovative and agile organisations using established and blended organisational design models. Whilst a tailored approach is taken to each client, our better-practice approach focusses on sustainable work-practices that improve efficiency, are cost-effective and attract the best and brightest of the labour market to your organisation – and keeps them there.

Workforce Planning

Is your workforce planning truly effective, as many organisations can differ in their levels of maturity in this area.  Some organisations are perhaps at the beginning of their workforce planning journey and are looking for assistance, while others are well progressed and are looking to push the envelope in improving their workforce planning strategies.


The development of an effective workforce plan which is linked to business objectives and drives organisational outcomes assists organisations from reacting to workforce challenges and starts preparation for them before they occur.  Succession planning, anticipating vacancies, workforce management, critical role identification, and  job design are all aspects the team at HRSA can assist you with.

Workplace Relations

The team at HRSA are experienced in dealing with many state and federal government employment frameworks and the challenges that go with them. As the industrial landscape is continuing to change so to do the rules which govern them. Planning, developing, negotiating and implementing enterprise agreements within the confines of the public sector policy making bodies is where HRSA can work with your team to provide advice and assistance.  Working effectively through your consultative obligations with key stakeholders is another area, if managed well can mitigate against escalation of workplace issues.


Providing assistance in meeting legislative obligations and government frameworks, HRSA can work with you to develop remuneration strategies to ensure you have an appropriate workforce to deliver outcomes for your organisation.

Complex Case Management

At times, time poor managers have things that may fall into their too hard basket as HR casework can take many forms and involve many complex aspects of managing people. Dealing with the ever increasing complexities of the HR environment including multi generational teams and workforces, social media, and increased public sector scrutiny and constraints are all issues at the forefront of todays management challenges.  Things at times unfortunately gain momentum and suddenly a minor issue escalates into multiple issues and in turn leads to a combative employment relationship.   The HRSA approach is for early intervention before escalation or providing an avenue for resolution between parties on an issue which could have been handled better.


The team at HRSA take a wholistic approach when developing strategies to deal with these challenges, ensuring each issue is dealt with under the appropriate framework whether it be rehabilitation and return to work, performance management or behavioural issues within the workplace.  The ability to provide tactical and practical advice for managers in dealing with challenging staff will assist managers in communicating difficult messages and managing sensitive situations.

Governance and Risk Management

Managing risk and ensuring you have appropriate levels of governance in place at an organisational level are common features of the modern day organisation and HR should be no different.  Risk appetite is always greater up until the point where something goes wrong and risk mitigation is always better than management after the event. The team at HRSA can assist you in successfully navigating the complexities of managing risk when dealing in a people context.  The approach needs to be considered and thoughtful as the cost of getting this wrong for organisations can be significant.


HR Frameworks, Policies and Procedures Development

Not only do contemporary HR practitioners have to contend with extensive legislative controls, but increasingly challenging enterprise bargaining and performance management frameworks have meant that organisations are now more dependent on robust policy and procedures. HRSA has extensive experience in developing and implementing strong and effective HR governance frameworks, policies and procedures that seek to enhance the maturity and capability of all workforce functions.  

Comprehensive Solutions

Going Over Data
HR Strategy

Human Resource Solutions Australia has a strong history in the provision of practical, professional and experience based HR advice and assistance in the public and private sector. We utilise our proven tailored methodologies and apply them to our individual clients’ needs using our teams' extensive HR experience, to meet the specific human resource management circumstances of each organisation that we work with. We have capability to assist you with HR Strategies, HR Policies and Procedure development and implementation, Workforce Planning and Industrial Relations.

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