Organisational Change Management

Do you need help managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organisational structure or cultural changes within your business? While organisations generally understand the need to embrace change, many struggle to manage all aspects of this change to ensure that initiatives are smoothly implemented and that both individuals and the organisation are appropriately supported throughout. The team at HRSA is experienced in assisting organisations to manage and implement organisational change, with a strong focus on the people side of change management. HRSA understands that managing change effectively is about planning, engagement and communication and will assist you with implementing successful organisational change management strategies on a small to large scale.

Stakeholder Management

For human resources to be effective in supporting the organisation, engagement of your workforce is key. Workforce engagement requires effective communication and dialogue with all relevant stakeholders. HRSA can assist you in developing communications plans and quality assurance frameworks to ensure your key stakeholders remain informed, committed and supportive of your HR practices. These can be tailored to every level of organisational management to ensure both operational and strategic goals are delivered and effectively communicated. HRSA will work with you to ensure the effective engagement of stakeholders, rather than just the communication of a message, and get them involved in the shaping of employment relationships and organisational initatives.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Are you looking to redesign core business processes to improve efficiency, productivity and quality? Are you struggling to successfully implement business process improvements within your organisation? Are you fighting resistance to change and “how we’ve always done things here”? Do you feel captive to technical specialists or segments of the workforce? All are common barriers when looking for continuous improvements within organisations.


At HRSA we work with your staff when re-engineering business processes to ensure engagement, uptake and ownership of the improvements. Through the process HRSA unpacks the resistance to change and explores and addresses the underlying issues. HRSA has extensive experience in helping organisations to rethink and improve existing processes as well as address organisational and people issues. HRSA has a proven track record of delivering substantial improvements in performance and cost-effectiveness while eliminating unproductive activities, errors and rework.

Career Counselling, Transition and Outplacement Services

Do you have a high performing employee who is looking to take the next step in their career? Do you have an employee who isn’t the right fit for their current role? Do you need to support staff through a restructure or facilitate the redeployment or redundancy of staff? Are you are a cross-road with your own career?


Now more than ever, workers are seeking career guidance to assist with transitions through career changes, changes in the labour market and workers retiring at an older age. Workers can engage HRSA themselves or employers can connect their staff with HRSA to help their development. Coaching and mentoring is not something that should be limited to managers, senior managers and CEOs. Career coaching should be something that everyone considers.


HRSA is experienced in career counselling and outplacement with our services being suitable for both public and private sector organisations. HRSA offers a variety of services including career assessment and advice, career counselling and development of career plans; executive career coaching; skills assessment; professional resume preparation; selection criteria; interview coaching; redundancy strategy and support; strategies and tools for job searching; and career development. HRSA also provides outposting services through their networks to organisations keen to support individuals who are exiting the business (voluntarily or involuntarily), to help them transition to new jobs and re-orient themselves in the job market.

Transition Management

Is your organisation going through a major change or restructure? As we know, change is the only constant in the workplace. When facing organisational change, it essential to invest time in planning and developing a clear and robust implementation strategy. This investment ensures your employees feel supported and are able to deal with the changes, thereby ensuring productivity remains high. HRSA provides proven solutions that will ensure the change process is smooth, that risks associated with the change are effectively managed, that managers are equipped  to confidently lead the change, to ensure employees are engaged with the change, to provide practical support to departing employees, to ensure the right people are in the right roles and most importantly to ensure business continuity is maintained throughout the change.

HR Change Management

Work with the best

Human Resource Solutions Australia (HRSA) understands the complexities of managing change in modern day organisations and the impact it can have on your day to day business.  Are you about to contemplate an organisational redesign, some internal restructuring for greater efficiency, looking to review business processes or systems, have you been effected by a machinery of government change or a change in legislative requirements, then the team at HRSA can assist.


An off the shelf theoretical approach is not what is on offer but rather an approach that involves working with clients to envisage, plan and manage the change from the outset.  This customised integrated approach leads to a strategy to incorporate not only the business objectives but more importantly takes into account the appetite for risk, the culture of the organisation, and the people involved in the change.  The HRSA team specialises in the management of change and has the necessary tools, methods and techniques to work with your organisation to ensure the appropriate governance activity is in place  to ensure you navigate successfully through implementing your change initiatives.

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